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Logic symbols.


Here's a table of suggested plain-text approximations of symbols and their HTML entity references.

Symbol name Symbol Plain Text HTML entity
and & ∧
or | ∨
not ¬ ~ ¬
conditional -> →
biconditional <-> or iff &harr;
for all A &forall;
there exists E &exist;
equal = = =
non equal != &ne;
less than or equal <= &le;
greater than or equal >= &ge;
element of in &isin;
not element of not in &notin;
subset of c &sube;
union u &cup;
intersection n &cap;
powerset Pow &weierp;
infinity infinity &infin;

To get Greek letters, put the name of the greek letter between '&' and ';'. For example, '&Gamma;' produces 'Γ', and '&gamma;' produces 'γ'.

To indicate subscripts and superscripts use underscore _ and caret ^to indicate subscripts and superscripts (e.g., 'x_3' and 'x^3'). If you need to disambiguate from power (which is not common in logics, use ** for that instead of ^.